August 29, 2007

PicLens - Slideshow Firefox add-on for Flickr, Facebook

PicLens is an awesome Slideshow Add-on for Firefox. It shows the pictures in a PicLens enabled websites sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook in a slideshow.

What's impressive about this extension how seamless it works with the website. All you need to do to see the pictures / photos in a slideshow is simply keep mouseover any image on one of the Piclens supported sites. A play button appears clicking which will launch this application.

Piclens Firefox add-on

The application itself is smooth and polished one. It gives you out of browser experience on the entire screen especially when the website doesnt do justice with a nice big photo.Great for showing family vacation or just getting lost in beautiful photos like I did listening to some groovy music !

Piclens Firefox add-on

Sites currently support by Piclens

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