August 28, 2007

Yahoo-China sued for sharing of information policy

A human rights group from US is suing Yahoo alleged unethical compliance with chinese authorities by divulging user details. Chinese version of Yahoo is being accused of complying to any lengths with Chinese authorities and compromising with its ethics just to gain shares of the Chinese market and it is investing heavily in local companies.

This comes after several incidents in which yahoo user details were disclosed by the company including the case of a journalist who was jailed for 10 years after yahoo complied with authorities disclosing mail details which helped in tracing him.

This is not the first time in china where Companies crawled when they were asked bend major IT firms have received condemnation from US congress for complying with Chinese authority in censoring the internet in China.

Here is an example, try searching Taiwan Independence (a sensitive issue in china) in the chinese yahoo site and this is what you will get:-

Yahoo censorship