March 30, 2008

Billions of dollars....

....Yet Google doesn't have a decent calender ?

What would your caption be ?

March 23, 2008

Live beats google ? .... WTF !!

Now If I hadn't seen this myself I wouldn't have believed it ! Its official according to alexa data Microsoft's answer to google , beats its nemesis in raw visitor statistics, which also saw the Search Giant dethroned from Rank 2.

Alexa records data for only those people who have Alexa toolbar in their browser which would mean the numbers of Live users could even be higher.

But there isn't much to worry about as Alexa treats each country Google site separately hence if you combine all the Google sites and pitch them against the G would win hands down.

Also the fact many Google powered searches are done from smaller websites.

But Google should be turning some hair gray as Live is starting pose a serious threat .