February 11, 2008

Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid ....Phew !

I don't know why I hate microsoft ...but then who doesn't ? Something about microsoft make you squirm with disgust. I may be writing this using a Winxp but it has to do with lack of options and not by preference !

And when Microsoft announced it bid for yahoo for $41.6 billion I started looking for alternatives, I guess the biggest loss would have been using Yahoo mail which is by far the best webmail, well it seems I can continue using Yahoo mail for a little bit longer.

But 41.6 B was a mediocre evaluation of yahoo when you consider Microsoft evaluated Facebook at 15 B to have bought 1.6% at 240 Million, yahoo is still most visited online property, yet this bid was prompted most likely to face off against Google which posing a bigger irritation to Microsoft that to yahoo !

Then this begs the question does microsoft needs yahoo more that yahoo needs Microsoft ? What do you think !