May 30, 2008

Google changes its favicon / icon

Now google isn't too earnest in making changes, like Ajax based suggestion which is still in labs for some reason, but when they do it is the most insignificant thing like the favicon



So what's the next change ?

May 26, 2008

Download youtube videos now in MP4 format !

Its been long time but its worth it now the download youtube video widget in mp4 format and also in better quality at the same time !

Want to install the widget in your blog, profile page ? Check out how to do it

For got to the download youtube video widget page and see the details on how to install.

Its easy as a couple of click for blogger users and a simple copy paste for others !

One thing you gotto remember is to right click and choose Save link as

And the icing on the cake it works with Download accelerator too. So now download youtube videos in high quality and in download accelerator !

So what do you think ?