August 24, 2007

Search / Open file FASTER tip in Open File Dialog Box

We had talked about how to clean your Desktop and a system to access File Faster. Today in this post I am going to show a simple tip (many of you already know) how to open a file faster in the Open File dialog box or File System Object.

In noob terms like in winamp when you want to play a song from a folder and there are too many files in that folder. Some people search using the traditional search (start > search) or search in that folder.

Open file FASTER

Here is a simple yet effective way to search for a file immediately just by using * !

For example the song we are looking for is Superstar by Jamelia out of over 500 songs !
In the file name enter *superstar* and click Open or hit enter.

Open file FASTER

Now immediately only thoes files which contain Superstar is shown and you have save a couple of minutes searching !

This tip can also be used for selective search of type of file ! Now assume you were searching for MP3 of Superstar in a folder which contain superstar images, video etc.

You just enter *superstar*.mp3 and only the mp3 files which contains superstar will be shown !

You can also use this technique to access file faster when you are uploading or adding an attachment to mail. Imagine you need to attach some images from your folder but like a black hole all kinds of file are in here which make impossible to look for images.
Open file FASTER

Here is what you can do :-
You just enter*.jpg and only the jpg (image) files will be shown ! Check it out

Open file FASTER