August 11, 2007

Make your Windows Xp Run Faster : More Ways

I had earlier posted about the few ways you can make your Windows Xp run faster Check out some more way to get more juice from RAM deficient system.

In this post find out how to Make your Windows Xp faster by Virtual memory, disabling system restore and few more.

1) By Increasing the Virtual Memory on your system or Shifting the Windows xp Page file - The Paging File is a Area on the hard disk that is designated for Programs to use it like a virtual RAM. So if you are short on RAM as most of us are increasing the Virtual Memory adds to the performance.

To do that Right -Click on My Computer > Properties
or Press [Windows] + [Pause Break]

Go to the Advanced > Performance > Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory > ChangeShift Windows xp Page file virtual memory

This will open the Virtual Memory Window. Now The idea is to shift the Windows xp Page file from C: to some other drive which have more space.

To do that:

- Remove the page file from c: as shown and shift to some other partition in the disc.
- Click on some other Drive then choose Custom and enter the Space you are want to give the Page file. Double the amount recommended should be more than enough

2) Remove all alert sounds and welcome music - Believe it or not the Alert Sound that you get takes a hell a lot of the memory. Signs that your Memory is unable to process that effectively that are seen when it take some while for the sound to come.

To silent all the alert sounds just go to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices and choose the silent mode.

3) Disable network folder/printer automatic search - If your computer is have network places / folders /printer then OS takes a lot of processing energy to search such folders and tries to connect to them, If you dont access network too often this is good idea.

Go to My Computer > Tool > Folder Option
Disable network folder/printer automatic search make windows xp faster

Apart from the above do check out our previous post on few ways you can make your Windows Xp run faster