August 2, 2007

Install Firefox Theme /Plug-in / Addons for multi users

Now most of you using firefox are likely to have many users on your Windows. And installing a theme or a plug-in meant only that user use it, since by default extensions/ Add-ons are installed for the current user only.

Now to install these Add-ons to multi users or all Win users you might had to download them again individually to different which is so not required. Mozilla had suggested some way to deal with it but I find the following method so much easier it is just copy paste.

Find out where your profile folder is (depends on the operating system)

Now I am showing for Windows Xp (cuz my stat shows most of you guys have win xp but you can modify easily for your OS)

1) Go to the profile folder of the user where the Add-ons are installed.

In win xp -

C:\Documents and Settings\(Windows login/user name)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

Now replace the (Windows login/user name) with the user name where the Add-on is installed.

If you are going to browse rather than enter the path then make sure that "Show hidden files and folder is chosen" in your windows explorer. You can do that by going to Tool > Folder Option >

2) Now go to the folder which has .default

3) Now go to the extensions folder

4) Copy the extensions in the extensions folder

Now Copy the extention you want to install in other users. Now if you are not able recognize extension is which the I recommend that you copy all, since you can uninstall that you don't want later in the user's firefox !

5) Now go to the Profile folder of the user to which you want to install

In win xp -
C:\Documents and Settings\user2\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

Now replace user2 with the user name where the Add-on needs to be installed.

6) Repeat step 2 and 3

7) Paste the extentions

8) Log on to the user2 account and launch the firefox

Now if you have a lot of extentions / themes then firefox take a while to install but eventually it will.

Go to Tools > Add-Ons

And you can disable or uninstall the extensions you don't want !

You can repeat the procedure if you have many users.

9) Restart your computer.


1) If you get Cannot find the Server at any time then might have entered the username wrongly or entered the path wrongly.

2) If you are browsing for the Mozilla folder (in Application Data )and are unable to find. Most likely firefox was never run, log on to the user and run firefox and you should find it.

3) You are getting "access" denied when trying access the folder, use a account that has Administrative autority.

Disclaimer : We advise you to first create a dummy account to try then install.