August 3, 2007

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts & tips !

Now some of us who have been on firefox for eons might be familiar with these short cuts but it amazes me how many people juggle between keyboard and mouse while browsing.

While web logging I find it cumbersome to use mouse to open a new tab or launch web search etc !

So I just wanna share some really cool keyboard shortcuts and some know ones too !

1) Open New Tab - Ctrl + T

Apart from the usual victims C & V on a keyboard which are flattened beyond recognition, now avid firefox user's keyboard have a new victim key T.

BTW it opens a new tab for browsing !

2) Close a Tab - Ctrl + W

You didn't know this one did you ? Great when you need to close a zillion of Tabs !

3) Complete a .com Address - Ctrl + Enter

Type the domain name you want eg blogger then by pressing Ctrl + Enter will automatically complete the .com and http://

Great way to avoid www.blogger.vom

similarly you can press

Shift + enter to complete .net address
Shift + Ctrl + Enter to complete .org address

4) Change the font size on the webpage

A quick way to change the font size is

Decrease the Font size - Ctrl + -
Increase the Font size - Ctrl + +

5) Delete the Form entry - Shift + Del

Apart from sensitive info such as email / Credit card Num gets stored when you fill up a form you can delete those by selecting them and pressing Shift + Delete.

You can even delete the auto complete URL from visited site the same way.

6) Clear Private Data - Ctrl + Shift + Del

Yeah ! to clean your ******* activities !

7) Go to the next Tab - Ctrl + Page down
Don't worry you'll soon get the hang of it !

8) Go to the Previous Tab - Ctrl + Page Up
It was obvious !

9) Go to the [1 to 9] Tab - Ctrl + [1 to 9]
You didn't know this one I bet ! (you knew ? drat !)

10) Find the page source - Ctrl + U
Guys always want to see what is inside ! Give Right click a break !

11) Caret Browsing - F7

Caret what ?

Well this is pretty useful stuff, especially when you do a lot of Selection and Ctrl C. What it does is place a cursor where you click and then you can select text just like you would do in a Word document by Shift + Arrow key.

Just in case you are hooked to this keyboard Short cut stuff, knock yourselves out and check out the whole list.