August 17, 2007

Firefox Add-ons to spice up your Tabs

Tabbed browsing is the hallmark of Firefox. Its an awesome feature but having a insatiable number of tabs can be quite a challenge. Add-ons to the rescue. Here are some nifty add-ons that makes tabbed browsing easy and fun. Also find out how to switch between tabs like the Alt + Tab in windows !

Here is quick tip: Did you know that you can scroll through the tabs by keeping the mouse over the tabs and scrolling the mouse wheel.

1) Switch between tabs by Ctrl + Tab

All of us who are spoilt by windows task switcher Alt + Tab always looking for a similar tab switcher in firefox. Luckily there is a Firefox extension.

Ctrl Tab Preview
is a neat firefox add-on which allows you to switch between tabs also gives you a preview of the different tabs.

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Firefox add on switch between tabs by ctrl alt

2) Colorful tabs based on URL

Now colorful tabs are a tad too tacky for my taste but sometimes from the haystack of Tabs color tabs specific to the website loaded is helpful, so all the tabs with will have same color. ChromaTabs is the add-on.

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3) Open Tab next to current Tab
Whenever you open a link in a new tab it opens at the last of the tab list which is annoying if you have a lot of tabs.

Tab Control add-on lets you control the tab:-

  • Position new tabs to the right of the current tab
  • Switch to the left tab when closing the current tab
  • Protect window from closing with close-tab hotkey
  • Set some or all javascript'ed windows to redirect into tabs
  • Specify the min and max width for tabs
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4) Zoom the mouse over tab
This add-on is called Fish eye an alternative to scrolling when there are many open tabs, and they become too small to see. User can zoom tab labels by moving the mouse cursor over them. Fisheye zoom is activated only when tabs occupy the whole width of the window.

Click the below button to see the video of Fish eye Tab plugin in action.

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5) Scroll bar for Tab overflow
This Tab Plugin adds a horizontal scrollbar below the tab bar when Firefox 2 is in tab overflow mode for easier tab navigation.

Scroll bar for Tab overflow

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