August 28, 2007

Weird / Funny USB drive / devices

A few days back I posted a pic Teddy USB which prompted me to search for many such weird and funny USB drives.

Weird Thumb Usb Drive

This one falls in the bizarre category. This goes to show that having a USB pen drive is not cool enough you need a freakingly real looking thumb to grab some attention.

Wanna freak out your friends buy just for $89
[Via fosfor]

USB drive that inflates with Storage

The novelty of a USB disk drive is that it could be 2 GB and yet it is so small. One weird look russian perharps didn't get that. He designed, patented a kind of USB storage device that swells or blows up according to the storage space occupied. It uses micropump to achieve that result. So with this if you carry a bunch of files in the USB if feels too like you are carrying a bunch of files in your pocket. What next USB inflatable Bra ?

[Thnx Techlivez]

Freshly Baked USB Drives

Considering most people that use a computer I know, either should be on a diet or on a diet, USB that resembles a burger isn't that good idea especially when delectable looking gadget is $60. For the people who aren't tortured at the sight of nicely baked pizza there is also Hot Dog, French Bread and sandwich.

Gold Ingot Bar USB Hub
Now it is a know fact allegedly that Japanese dig weird USB stuff and one company is just doing that. One of their product is Gold Ingot USB Hub ... phew ! Check out the company Ceo endorsing the product.
gold ignotGold ignot

USB necktie Cooler

There is weird then there is WTF and this is WTF weird ! I can understand the need for a USB device that looks like chopped up thumb, I can even live with a Gold bar USB hub but this just crosses the those boundaries of sanity. Any hoo. I told you japanese like weird USB stuff ! This is yet another creation of Thanko - The company that brought you Gold ingot USB bar.
<---- Check out the dude in action
Also check out the Company product page

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