August 14, 2007

Reduce/Remove the Icons in Systray near the Clock

The Notification area, the Systray or just the area next the clock whatever people call it.
It is usually the place where Windows gives notification is the famous windows popup balloon but unfortunately it is also the place where most program which run at startup also is shown. And because we install many programs over a period of time what you get is a Overcrowded Notification area.
Systray Notification area Windows xp

Check out how to Reduce by removing the unwanted Systray Applications.

Apart from being a eyesore, many application running at the same time slows the system down. Check out how many processes run as soon as you startup ! Click Alt + Ctrl + Del and choose the Processes Tab.

Windows have an feature in Xp where you can hide most of them :-

Right Click on Task Bar > Properties > In the Notification area > Customize

But it only hides the Icons the Processes still are running many of them checking for updates and other RAM / processing consuming activities.

We in our earlier post showed how to remove the processes and get better performance.

1) Go to Start And choose Run
Make xp faster screenshot of Start Run

2) In the Run window, type msconfig and click Ok

3) This will open the System Configuration utility window, in this click the Startup tab

Then unselect the apps you dont want to start, but make sure you can recognize the apps since stopping key windows apps can cause you PC to explode (just kiddin)

4) Almost done

You will get this Dialog box, you can either restart or choose Exit without restart.

When you do restart you will get a message

Choose Don't show this message !

and its done !