August 11, 2007

Make your Firefox look like Internet Explorer, Safari

Here is a feat only a Firefox add-on theme can achieve. Now just by installing a theme you can make your Firefox look like other browsers ! Now I fail to reason why would one want to do that, if you get it let me know ! Anyhoo,

1) Make your Firefox Look like Internet Explorer 6

Just as expected same old Internet explorer 6 with tabbed browsing !

Here is how it looks:-
Firefox Looks like Internet explorer 6

Get it now

2) Make your Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer 7

This one truly awesome, it totally replicates the essence of IE7 and feels damn good too !

Firefox Looks like Internet explorer 7

3) Make your Firefox Look Like Safari

Now I was impressed with this one, the striking resemblance between the two. Even the buttons and Scroll bar looks amazingly similar.

Firefox Looks like Apple safari

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