July 23, 2007

Live Fast die Young

Might think the title is about a Rock star but I am talking about Overclocking , in noob terms it is your system on tubocharger !

Over clocking simply means running your system at a higher Clock rate than it is specified by the manufacturer. The fact is the components such as processor, graphic cards are capable of much better performance but in doing so they may loose stability or have a shorter life span.

So what does it mean for you and me, by overclocking a cheaper system can work at par to a much high end configuration kinda like a Mini configured to go as faster as a ferrari.

Many hard-core gamers and PC geeks regularly do overclock their system to give them the best possible system.

Before you restart the system to overclock for your BIOS read this first !

  • Over clocking voids your warranty, even thought the companies kinda themself encourage to overclock as Tom's hardware points out
  • Overclocking if not done properly can mean goodbye to your system.
  • It generates a lot of heat so you need extra cooling systems
  • Can also cause data corruption.
We are planning to overclock a system in coming months, a kinda crash test dummy ! so stay hooked for more info coming months !

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