July 19, 2007

Firefox Add-ons

Now firefox extentions (add ons / plug in) are an awesome example what Open source movement can achieve that monstrous corporations cant and results in really innovative apps which are simply cool !

Now check out IE idea of an add-on (duh!) They are playing catch-up to the amazing range of Add-ons you have in Firefox ... Long live open source !

I'll give a detailed review of each in due time, but here is a snippet of some of the really useful ones :-

  1. VideoDownloader - A nifty little add on that lets you download flash video and save as .flv in websites such as youtube, metacafe, iFilm etc. Once installed it sits on the bottom corner to be at your service when ever required.
  2. Foxy tunes - An awesome add on if you spend almost all time browsing and listening to music at the same time. You can control pretty much any music app (winamp, WMP, itune and much more) from your browser. Not just that you can find bio, lyrics and much more !
  3. Loop to PDF - This is a handy little thingamagie, kinda like swiss knife for PDF. You can convert the html page to PDF.
  4. Internote - This is a lifesaver when you are using the internet to search something and collecting a lot of info. When ever you find some info you can launch this app like a sticky note and add the info which you can access later via its manager. Forget about opening a notepad or saving to your over flooded bookmarks
  5. Copy Plain text is a useful plugin for those times when you copy and all the formatting with links, bold etc is also copied and you have to open a notepad just to un-format it . This plug in add a option to the right click called "Copy Plain Text"