July 18, 2007

Wordpress and Blogger

Now how many times you have seen in a blog at blogspot that they have moved to Wordpress ?

Most techies somehow are prefer (biased towards) wordpress and (sometimes fairly) prefer it ! And noobs start at blogger and move to worpress ! I on the other hand started at wordpress and moved to blogger within a day !

Most people believe that wordpress have more option that they can tweek and the answer is:

Not if you are hosting at wordpress.com if you are hosting wordpress at your own server then there are loads of plugins !

For starters you dont even have access to the template as if it was a bomb forget about tweeking it. No easy way to include adsense, no easy way to include videos, the list just goes on...!

So bottom line is if you have no plans of hosting your own site then forget wordpress and better stick to blogger.