July 19, 2007

Make your Xp Faster

There are days that you could have bought that 1GB Ram instead of (now obsolete) 256 ! Even there are days when you could make a coffee and drink it too before that app you ran completely opened.

Now one easy solution for those day when you can do away with the fancy anim and feel of windows Xp. It may a "Plain Jane kinda" Xp but yet faster and the bottom line you will get the job done.

Step 1

Right Click on My computer and click on properties

Step 2

In the system properties dialog box choose the advanced tab then in the performance section click on settings

Step 2

Now in the performance dialog box choose the radio button "Adjust for best performance" or customize your looks by choosing the check box.

Press Ok and you will notice the difference immediately !

One more tip to run the Windows faster is to choosing the programs that automatically run at startup. At any given moment many app are running in the background without you even knowing and many run at the Sys tray (near the clock).

To find out the programs running at any given moment you can press Alt + Ctrl + Del to open te windows task manager.

Programs such as Yahoo msgnr, Download accelerator, Winamp all run at windows startuo and use up system processing.

To stop this programs to run at startup follow this:

Step 1

Click on the start button and click "Run"

Step 2

In the Run window, type msconfig and click Ok

Step 3

This will open the System Configuration utility window, in this click the Startup tab

Then unselect the apps you dont want to start, but make sure you can recognize the apps since stopping key windows apps can cause you PC to explode (just kiddin)

Click OK !

Step 4 Almost done

You will get this Dialog box, you can either restart or choose Exit without restart.

When you do restart you will get a message

Choose Don't show this message !

and its done !