July 18, 2007

Netvestment Anyone ?

Investing is something we all do when we have money to spare. It has changed over the years though, Gold, Real estate, stocks etc!

But since the dot com days investing in a dot com (domain name) is one of the most lucrative ways to make capital gain and in some cases it can also make you millions. It is an industry on its own worth billions with its own characters, rag to riches and riches to rags stories, its own conmen and fraudsters and its own jargons !

It is amazing how simple it is to buy and sell domains but it is another story altogether to buy the right domain, for that serious people do serious research. But there are pretty much 3 ways of buying you register a new domain or buy in the after market or get an expired name. Registering will pretty much cost the same (some place a little cheaper than others) before you even open a new tab most of the good name already gone so to get a cool name you need either of 3 things Creativity, Money or luck or in some cases all of the above !

Places to sell are as varied as the domains it self but the big names include Sedo, TDNAM, moniker, enom

Now majority domains are not gonna break any banks that is why most domains sold are less than $100 (No citation just a wild guess) still a domain that cost $7.99 to sell for $30 is a profit 400% ! On the other hand www.Diamond.com was sold for $9,500,000 (Via http://www.dnjournal.com/ )

Before you break you piggy in hopes to break the back read this http://www.igoldrush.com/