December 15, 2007

USB endoscope : WWTT Gadget

Who needs to go to the god damn doctors to get a endoscopy done when you can do it yourself at home thanks to thanko ! All you needed was a tiny camera attached to USB and presto you have this 1.3 MP camera the WWTT gadget ready to be inserted into any body crevice you want to !

I really don't what goes inside the weird Japanese mind to have come up with such products for such weird uses !

り替えれattachment to the skin, teeth, skin condition, hair done until I checked the wonders of micro-scope.
実は気になる耳の中、歯の磨き残しや、化粧を変えたら肌が荒れたみたい。 Actually worrisome in the ear, tooth brushes and left, like makeup変えたらrough skin. 肉眼では分からない部分も、パソコンの画面に拡大して表示ができるので、一目瞭然。 Not even partially naked eye, the computer screen displays can be extended to the self-explanatory. 通常のマイクロスコープは、用途にあわせて購入する必要がありますが、本製品を使えばどんな用途でも、アタッチメントの交換でご利用いただけます。 Micro normal scope of the application where you must have purchased the product can use any application in the attachment available in the exchange.

Pardon me but if I had a "worrisome in the ear" I would go visit the guy we call doctor rather than sticking a 17,000 yen 1.3 Mega pixel in my ear hole !

Just wondering what will they do if they have "worrisome in the ass" ???

In light of the holiday season just a doubt:-

So if santa were to give you this as your gift, what will you do with it ???