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December 24, 2008

Google getting Naughty ?

This is one of those rare goof ups from google that is classic Digg Material !

*** Warning explicit Material ***
Continue to read only if you are 18 or Above !

Ok Do this search on Google and if you see what I am seeing you might be shocked and surprised what that nudity has to do with a tasty south indian snack !

Now it is certain that this screw up will be fixed faster that Usain Bolt could run the 100 Meters so in case you wanted to know how it looked Click Here !

March 30, 2008

Billions of dollars....

....Yet Google doesn't have a decent calender ?

What would your caption be ?

January 20, 2008

WWTT Gadget: Butt Poke Pen Holder

Now I can be proficient in writing but i am not sure as to how much one can write about this ridiculously funny pen holder...

I can't even imagine a desk where one would put this weirdity ! Now I think the Cat ass sharpner was much saner !

But in case you find the urge to buy this, then get it for $8 with Worldwide shipping Free at dealextreme !

December 19, 2007

December 15, 2007

USB endoscope : WWTT Gadget

Who needs to go to the god damn doctors to get a endoscopy done when you can do it yourself at home thanks to thanko ! All you needed was a tiny camera attached to USB and presto you have this 1.3 MP camera the WWTT gadget ready to be inserted into any body crevice you want to !

I really don't what goes inside the weird Japanese mind to have come up with such products for such weird uses !

り替えれattachment to the skin, teeth, skin condition, hair done until I checked the wonders of micro-scope.
実は気になる耳の中、歯の磨き残しや、化粧を変えたら肌が荒れたみたい。 Actually worrisome in the ear, tooth brushes and left, like makeup変えたらrough skin. 肉眼では分からない部分も、パソコンの画面に拡大して表示ができるので、一目瞭然。 Not even partially naked eye, the computer screen displays can be extended to the self-explanatory. 通常のマイクロスコープは、用途にあわせて購入する必要がありますが、本製品を使えばどんな用途でも、アタッチメントの交換でご利用いただけます。 Micro normal scope of the application where you must have purchased the product can use any application in the attachment available in the exchange.

Pardon me but if I had a "worrisome in the ear" I would go visit the guy we call doctor rather than sticking a 17,000 yen 1.3 Mega pixel in my ear hole !

Just wondering what will they do if they have "worrisome in the ass" ???

In light of the holiday season just a doubt:-

So if santa were to give you this as your gift, what will you do with it ???

November 3, 2007

WWTT Gadget : Cats Arse Sharpener

Warning: If you are felinophile (cat lover) or if you are associated with Ethical treatment of Plastic Animal look alike then you might find these post/images very disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

Now I would like to use the limited imagination that I have to imagine what would the guy who invented this would have said to pitch his Idea ? Would the guy who is listening would have said ? Hmmm...

The WWTT gadget we are talking is a Cat Arse Sharpner. It wasn't enough that the pencil and other cylindrical writing apparatus such as crayons needs to be thrust in the feline's bum a really twisted mind has added "Meow" sound chip which gets activated when these cylindrical objects are thrust !!

WWTT (What were they Thinking ) Gadgets

Over a minuscule period of my blogging I have some really weird gadgets from all over the world but some how japanese tend really dig them.

These weird sometimes funny mostly useless but can imagine live without them gadgets makes for good reading are also good writing !

So here are TechnoJuice we are starting a section for these lovable oddities and were are calling it WWTT gadgets. In case you missed the title it stands for What were they thinking.

If these weirdo gadgets turn you on then you might wanna bookmark this page cuz we will update this post as new WWTT gadgets are added. If you got some info on some japanese USB tie cooler or USB thumb will be great if you can add those to the comments.

August 28, 2007
Weird USB drive including USB thumb, USB necktie cooler

November 3, 2007
Cats Arse Sharpener

December 13, 2007
USB Thermometer

October 11, 2007

Search for Virus suggests Windows - Apple's Cheap shot

Apple takes a swing at the vulnerability of Windows, again but this time kinda bellow the belt.

To see it ... Go to and in the search box type virus and the result suggests Windows.

Now Apple has been running a mostly sarcastic and sometimes funny ad campaign for Mac which mocks at windows indirectly.

Now to give apple taste of its own medicine here is the rip-off version :-

October 5, 2007

Firefox Advertisement goes hip and wacky !

Firefox ads were geeky at the best, and now that they have the geek power behind them with over 400 Million download they are trying some thing new to diversify and to do that they are creating funnny eye catching flash animation. They concentrating on two key attributes Security and customization ! Here are few that came out the pipeline !

Click on the image to play it.

1) Security

Firefox Advertisement

2) Customization Ad # 1

Firefox Advertisement

3) Customization Ad #2

Firefox Advertisement

[Source : Giantspatula]

August 28, 2007

Weird / Funny USB drive / devices

A few days back I posted a pic Teddy USB which prompted me to search for many such weird and funny USB drives.

Weird Thumb Usb Drive

This one falls in the bizarre category. This goes to show that having a USB pen drive is not cool enough you need a freakingly real looking thumb to grab some attention.

Wanna freak out your friends buy just for $89
[Via fosfor]

USB drive that inflates with Storage

The novelty of a USB disk drive is that it could be 2 GB and yet it is so small. One weird look russian perharps didn't get that. He designed, patented a kind of USB storage device that swells or blows up according to the storage space occupied. It uses micropump to achieve that result. So with this if you carry a bunch of files in the USB if feels too like you are carrying a bunch of files in your pocket. What next USB inflatable Bra ?

[Thnx Techlivez]

Freshly Baked USB Drives

Considering most people that use a computer I know, either should be on a diet or on a diet, USB that resembles a burger isn't that good idea especially when delectable looking gadget is $60. For the people who aren't tortured at the sight of nicely baked pizza there is also Hot Dog, French Bread and sandwich.

Gold Ingot Bar USB Hub
Now it is a know fact allegedly that Japanese dig weird USB stuff and one company is just doing that. One of their product is Gold Ingot USB Hub ... phew ! Check out the company Ceo endorsing the product.
gold ignotGold ignot

USB necktie Cooler

There is weird then there is WTF and this is WTF weird ! I can understand the need for a USB device that looks like chopped up thumb, I can even live with a Gold bar USB hub but this just crosses the those boundaries of sanity. Any hoo. I told you japanese like weird USB stuff ! This is yet another creation of Thanko - The company that brought you Gold ingot USB bar.
<---- Check out the dude in action
Also check out the Company product page

Weird enough to mail your friends ?

August 21, 2007

Arm wrestling game recalled in Japan following broken Arms

Even before I wrote this post I knew that this news fall into the category of the weird. The news is that a japanese Arm wrestling game is being withdrawn after reports that 3 people broke their arm playing it.

According to a spokesperson for the company

"We think that maybe some players get over-excited and twist their arms in an unnatural way,"
Further more they said:-
"The machine isn't that strong, much less so than a muscular man. Even women should be able to beat it,"
Now I am not an arcade expert but why would you put a game which even a women should be able to beat ? And expect people to pay ?

Just a thought after breaking the hand did the machine say "Game Over / Play Again ?"

[Via Everton]

August 9, 2007

Look back at famous websites years ago.

Ever wondered how looked on Oct 17, 1996 ? Or on Oct 22, 1996 ! Or perhaps ebay... Jun 14, 1997

Well and its Wayback Machine let you do just that. You can spend hours just browsing through the evolution of the some site.

Now one thing seems to common between all these sites is how sucking their designs were ! Sometimes makes you feel better about your own site don't they ?

July 30, 2007

We are Back !

A forced hiatus by blogger robots on us, which cost us quite a few readers ! But we are back !

Now Blog Spamming or creating fake blogs to increase ranking are a serious problem that is chocking the indexing system of search engines but the geniuses behind search engines should have seen this coming and should have taken corrective steps earlier rather than causing days of pure insanity to genuine bloggers.

The solution is simple captcha or word verified blog posting , wouldn't you rather take 3 sec extra to verify your blog post rather than have this message on your blog for 4 days ?

July 23, 2007