December 12, 2007

One night stand - Use and throw mail id

We all have been through countless sign ups from simple username, email id and password to really complex ones which requires more that magic wand ! One thing that is common to all is the risk of exposing to your email id to plague of spam.

Now we could read the privacy policy each time, before sharing our mail id but whats the fun in that ?

A simple solution is have a temporary email id or a disposable mailbox that is active for sometime just to confirm that stupid mail !

Here are the places you can do just do that create a temp mail id!

Dontreg - This is as simple as it can get just add the mail id you wish to give the potential spammer e.g then go to enter the id presto you get the mail !

Now because the id is not secure(ie doesn't require login) anyone can get your mails only by entering your id so choose the enter the temporary email user id wisely !

myTrashmail - If you want something a little more secure to access the temporary mail then myTrashmail is the place ! you can get the usual quick temporary mail id or the secure one ! Do remember the secure one require sign up and you need to enter a mail id !

Once signed up you can create a temp mailbox and access the mail by logging in !

More options include mailexpire, temporaryinbox and

The problem with temp mail id's is that they may be blacklisted and the registration may not accept them hence you need to be on a look out for a new domain name! tries to address that problem by giving many domain names !


Now offers you kind of voyeuristical chance to see real time mails of the temp mail id as they come in !

Before you do something real moronish just remember the word IP !