December 13, 2007

USB Thermometer - WWTT Gadget

Now I know temperature is a sensitive issue for many of us with a meteorological incline, I am cool with that ! What what makes this gadget WWTT material is not the gadget itself but the settings and design of it !

Let me start but their description :-

This USB Therometer let you get easy to measure the indoor temperature and capture the data into your computer.
# Features: Powered by USB
# Temperature Range: -20° ~ 100°
# Temperature can be captured from every second to 12 hours
# The logged data can be pasted to Word / Excel easily
# Size: 50x17x8mm
# Weight: 8g
# Support Windows XP / Vista

Now I am assuming the reading unit has to celsius, if its what hell kinda of place would be even close to 100°C ?

Powered by USB means the area you can record the temp depends on the length of the lousy USB cable or how far you can lug your computer !

The only thing this crap is good for is measuring the exhaust air from the processor !

Are'nt you better of spending $19 on a sweet portable thermometer with barometer built-in ? Or better still make one at home with this instructables.