December 14, 2007

Flexible Keyboard : Cure for keyboard abusers

Now computer can be a frustrating creature specially the ones with much to be desired RAM's running on Windows, and the object that bears the wrath of our awesome temper is unfortunately the keyboard when its the CPU that you should be kicking !

For our gentle readers who don't know what a Keyboard abuser looks like Click Here (its just a act). Now you could go to anger management classes but whats the fun in that ?

Here is the solution:

Its a Flexible USB/PS2 Keyboard made from silicone ! Apart from being near indestructible it also is water proof dust-proof and any other proof you can think of ! That means you can just roll it along with your laptop and type comfortably rather than reaching for the keyboard.

Who needs a dorky stress-toy when you can bang at the keyboard !

You can get this keyboard one for $11.91 with Worldwide shipping free at Dealextreme...Sweet !