December 16, 2007

Knol - Google's attempt takes on Wikipedia

Now its is so true that it must be a law that Google loves to control content. The want be part of content so bad that they buy of any company that deals with massive content (e.g Feedburner, blogger) if they can't they create their own and by the might of their dominance they get they product through.

Now Google aims at wikipedia and its called knol, I guess it must be causing an insatiable itch in google's butt that wikipedia doesn't show google ads and even more that they don't show ad at all !!

They must be wondering they they send way too much traffic to a site that they can't profit off and its better off creating their own wikipedia, its now as if wikipedia owns the content. The authors of the content wikipedia wouldn't risk ignoring google would readily duplicate the content into the knol environment.

It amazes me how eloquently they elaborate just the point that they are creating yet another wikipedia which is totally pathetic.

It is getting to a point where in the internet if you are not with google you are labeled being against google is this cold war of the internet, which is making me and I am sure many other resent Google's attempt to monopolize internet and almost subservient view of other internet enterprise.

And in this monopolistic world of internet allegiance it has become even more important for users, (who have the ultimate power) to be judicious and exercise balance in their use of the service ! Don't use Google everything just because they have it, see for options support the underdog cuz for people just like that made google what it is today......who knows you might find a better service.

So would you use Google's wikipedia Clone ?