December 13, 2007

Using Laptop Lying down - SWEET !

We had posted about the Gliding Laptop Dock and now we present the perfect gift for a geek ! Thanko isn't know for making worthwhile stuff but finally they got one thing right Geeks are Lazy and Geeks want to use laptop everywhere!

According to the poorly translated page:-

Directly, when the notebook PC is put on the foot, burden is tend to fall on body at such as heat and weight of the personal computer itself. If you set "racketeer sleeping de スクアルミ", completion of the comfortable note desk. On the sofa and, fine of the flooring and the tatami mat, the "racketeer sleeping de スク aluminum" does not choose the place where you use.
Because the materialof the deskhaving utilized and using the aluminum, it has happened to have also the function which cools the heat of the notebook PC, with the "racketeer sleeping de スク aluminum" itself.

What they are trying to say is that it is made of aluminum!

Its just a table costing $77 but with half a dozen joints that lets you adjust to any god damn ergonomic position you can imagine ! This product page describes the various styles and position you can your laptop ! Hmmmm.... different styles, positions and even in your bed !(why it doesn't sound like Iam talking about using laptops?)

They even throw in a cooler fan now that is mashup!