November 3, 2007

WWTT (What were they Thinking ) Gadgets

Over a minuscule period of my blogging I have some really weird gadgets from all over the world but some how japanese tend really dig them.

These weird sometimes funny mostly useless but can imagine live without them gadgets makes for good reading are also good writing !

So here are TechnoJuice we are starting a section for these lovable oddities and were are calling it WWTT gadgets. In case you missed the title it stands for What were they thinking.

If these weirdo gadgets turn you on then you might wanna bookmark this page cuz we will update this post as new WWTT gadgets are added. If you got some info on some japanese USB tie cooler or USB thumb will be great if you can add those to the comments.

August 28, 2007
Weird USB drive including USB thumb, USB necktie cooler

November 3, 2007
Cats Arse Sharpener

December 13, 2007
USB Thermometer