November 4, 2007

Hide your IP with Proxy Browsing for FREE

Using a proxy is a great way not to reveal your identity to the website you are accessing. Now there could be tons of reasons why you might want to use proxy but here are some VALID reasons

  • IF you don't want the website collecting your IP address/ location for example like Google records details of your search including what you search and your IP address.
  • If the website had limits imposed based on IP address for example file downloading sites have bandwidth limits on IP address and region by a Proxy you can have multiple IP address and region give you unlimited download from Rapidshare, megashare etc.
  • If your IP address is a victim of mass IP ban, many websites ban IP address in block or range and some ip address becomes a casualty of reckless banning.
  • If you want to use multiple accounts at the same time if the website is IP based login. Most sophisticated websites are IP based login that means even if you change the browser your login id remains the same !

Here comes the Whipped Cream, There are many online options most of them really irritating with tons of ads and zillion pop-up and some and the goods ones are obviously PAID, Now I like the four letter word FREE (I am sure you do too) so here is the only FREE proxy Software that is of any good is ProxyWay.

Thanks to proxy I am been told that I am from Spain, USA, China & Brazil in the space of few hours !

You can download proxyway from Here, installation is pretty much like any software. Once Installed click on proxy (Retro Desktop icon) then click on the Proxyway Auto configuration button. Choose the browser you want to install the Proxy and 10-30 min later you are done !!

WE SUGGEST: you use the browser you normally don't use ofter for example I installed it on Internet explorer as I use Firfox virtually all the time ! By doing this you can use your own default setting most of the time since using a proxy is a major drag !

Now here the not so good part using a proxy

The speed sucks ! reminds you of the 28 Kbs days when you could make and eat 7 course meal before a page could be downloaded !
But hey its FREE and the website thinks you are from Sao Paulo Brazil ... what more can you ask !

You session is broken many times ! cuz depending on the proxy available the settings keep changing you might have started writing that mail in Spain and when you click send you might be in Warsaw, Poland so you are going to get sweet little error message !

Hey almost forgot here is the screen shot:

Before some weird concoction is brewed, if you thought just by changing the IP address you can anything you want and get away...guess what there are other ways to hunt you down if you did something wrong!