November 4, 2007

GOOGLE PC ? Not quite yet

google pc
Blogosphere was lit ablaze with news of Google PC. But as it turns out (as most of the time) it was just a play of words to get the WTH (what the hell) effect. This is not a PC from Google not even close it runs of a version of Linux called gOS (g stands for Green).

The only remote connection that it has to Google that comes pre-installed with desktop icons that link to google products such as Google Docs, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Google maps etc. but it also comes loaded with skype, Gimp and links to Facebook, meebo and Wikipedia.


I guess people have been fantasising about a Google PC and Google phone for so long that full grown men geeks go bonkers on the weirdest google connection !

If we leave the insanity behind this PC isn't such a bad deal. For $199 the gPC comes with 1.5GHz VIA C7-D processor, 512MB of RAM and a 80GB hard drive and does not include a monitor.
The gPC will be available at

google pc screenshot