November 1, 2007

How to Speed up Windows explorer or Burn CD DVD faster

Here is a simple hack to speed up any application and make it run faster whether it is Adobe photoshop, Firefox, Safari, Windows explorer, Or Burn CD / DVD with Nero faster !

You can speed up an Application by setting the priority of the process in the Windows Task Manager.

Step 1

To access the task Manager you can either press Alt + Ctrl + Del or right click on the task bar and choose Task Managar.

Go to the Processes tab and Choose the Process under the Image name column. This could be tricky sometimes since the process name may a little different that usual for example Microsoft Word will be listed as Winword.exe

Here are some of the common Application and their process name:-

Nero - NeroStartSmart.exe
Windows Explorer- Explorer.exe
FireFox - FireFox.exe
Microsoft Frontpage - Frontpg.exe

Step 2

Right click on the process you want to speed up and choose Set Priorityand choose High.

You get a Warning, just agree to it

Now you computer will give the process from that application priority. By doing this you can reduce the CD writing time or speed up an application.

Here is the Video Tutorial