November 27, 2007

FREE Online Web Button generator / Creator

I love freebies, and web utility freebie is a great way to make professional looking website even you don't know squat about web designing.

Today we are going to look at Button generator, there a zillions of Button generating Trial softwares which may be good if you generate a button a minute but all you wanted was a sweet little button that says subscribe or Home for your blog there here are some really sweet online tools and best still they are FREE !

Rollover Button
We all love glassy looking buttons and awe at the marvel they are and here is how you can make one for yourself in just 3 minutes flat !

Go to
and choose the color enter the text and presto you are done !

You alge get a mouseover / rollover image great for that extra wow effect !

So here is a Technojuice button created with Netdenizen's Glassy Button:-

The only drawback is that there is not embed code with the image zip file which would have made this super easy to install, TechnoJuice to the rescue !

Just use this line of code to install and get the mouseover / rollover effect
<a href="">
<img name="button" onmouseover="this.src='image source button_1.png'"
onmouseout="this.src='image source/button_0.png'" src=""
border="0" /><p></p></a>

Cool Text and button
Next on the list is is really useful tool to make some wicked text with EFFECTS. There are Now Gif effects like Burning is sooo 1997 and so are the effects but hey its FREE ! The this that really impresses me is the range of font (100s of them) ! So here is TechnoJuice on fire

You can also generate static button something like this

Backlink Logo button
You can get this Support Link Button or Backlink button at Dynamic Drive