September 9, 2007

Only 10% are active daily Firefox users, Firefox hits 400 Million download

I seriously didn't imagine that Firefox will grow so big so fast but firefox hit 400 Million downloads. But according to Mozilla 50% of the people who download become active users but according to the chart only 37.5 Million are active users as of , so out 400 Million its less than 10%.

But Firefox is determined to take the number one spot in browser with sites like, custom browsers like Campus Edition, Ebay Edition.

And even a giant Crop circle created by a linux group that is even seen from Google earth for that gimmick factor.

Now Internet explorer has the advantage of the reach of Windows. People generally associate internet with that blue "e" logo of internet explorer. One of the points to increase Firefox retention is the resemble the logo of firefox with Internet.

But Firefox has one thing that internet explorer with they had.... Geek Power ! So One billion isn't far away !

Update: Asa Dotzler commented that Firefox have 40 Million daily User and 120 Million Users