September 21, 2007

HyperWords Add-on makes reading internet richer and faster

With so much content on the web it is obvious we hit some rather heavy words or terms. Googling these words almost second nature while browsing through the internet. Here is an add-on that makes this even simpler and richer.

All you need to do is install the Add-on in your firefox and you are set for resolving terms, phrases and personalities faster with few mouse gesture.

Get the Add-on For Firefox

Thanks to the settings the Hyperwords Menu can be set only launch when you press shift and right click otherwise earlier it was launched whenever you selected a text with a really annoyance.

Features like Reference, One click Search, Multiple language translation was impressive. But the really cool feature is the Picture search option which retrieves image immediately and shows a preview.

According to the Hyperwords team:-

A basic function of Hyperwords is to select text on a web page into get other information abut the text. You are no longer restricted to following only the links others have made for you.
Selecting text is simple: either double-click on a word, double-click between two words (like in a name) to select both, or stripe/drag-select a larger selection of text.
If for some reason you wanted to find out the prime minister of Kazakhstan, just select Kazakhstan and select 'References' from the menu that pops up and then select 'Wikipedia' from the menu.
You should now be seeing the Wikipedia entry open in a new window to the left of this one.
If you prefer to have the results open up in the same window (this one) or in a tab in the background, you can change it in Preferences.

Here is the tutorial video:-