September 6, 2007

Apple iPhone price slashed for 8GB to $399

Apple reduced the price of it 8GB iphone from $599 to just $399 ahead of the holiday season. Making people who bought it at its earlier price look like a complete moron!

According to Steve Jobs,

The surveys are in and iPhone customer satisfaction scores are higher than we've ever seen for any Apple product, We've clearly got a breakthrough product and we want to make it affordable for even more customers as we enter this holiday season.

Price correction is normality but so drastic change within 2 months is unheard of. The early buyers/adopters of a technology is crucial for a company, they are the ones who pay for the technology to be made cheaper for others to buyer later. Making them look like a moron who overpaid for a gadget by $200 just 2 months ago is sure to backfire when they launch a new products.

It would be interesting to watch if this would scare away the early buyers breed(who are really pissed now) would rather wait and watch the next time a product is launched.

[Via AppleInsider]