September 29, 2007

Blogger Hack for better permalink SEO

Earlier we wrote about a cool blogger hack and code for Meta tags for keyword, Description and even Title. Get ready for another simple blogger Hack for better SEO ! Now Search engines like Google love keywords in Title and the URL, but in blogger the file name or the permalink of the post is based on the post Title you give. For example if the title is Blogger Title & Meta Tag Keyword ,Description hack - Blog SEO Tip the link by default becomes removing any special characters.

But adding many keywords make the title boring for that eye catching effect for people! So what's the solution ? Simple !

1) Give the post the title with the Keywords coming in first, so if you are writing a post on Apple and iphone make sure to include them in first 5 words. NEVER STUFF THE TITLE WITH UNNECESSARY KEYWORD WHICH LAND YOU ON THE BAD BOOKS OF SEARCH ENGINE.

2) Publish the post then click edit post.

3) Now change the title to something a little more catchy and publish the post again !

And you are done !

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