October 2, 2007

Blogger Hacks from TechnoJuice

This post is a round up of all the Blogger Hacks from TechnoJuice. The idea is create a Table of Content for all the Blogger hacks we do and will keep this post updated as new Widgets, hacks and mods are created.

1) How To get Flash Header - This is first hack we did to add a Flash blogger header.

2) Create quote/pullquote in your blog - Now here is quick way to create blockquote or Pullquote in blog. A blockquote is used when you are quoting someone else or when you want to display a code or when you are showing an example !

3) Comment Box - Widget for blogger - A neat widget for blogger which show the comments and leave your comment form in the same page as blog when you click the Comments link.

Instead of being taken to default blogger comment page this widget displays the comments in a neat box with a loading gif.

4) Remove the Blogger nav bar - How to remove the bar on top of your blogspot with a few lines of code.

5) Custom Blogger Meta Tag for Blog SEO - There is no feature in blogger to customize the Meta Tags.Here are some easy mods to optimize the Meta tags for Keywords, Description, Title and even customize for the Index page, post page and archive !

6) Different Post Title and permalink - Now Search engines like Google love keywords in Title and the URL, but in blogger the file name or the permalink of the post is based on the post Title you give. Simple hack for different Post tile and permalink.

[Last Updated 02 Oct 2007]