October 3, 2007

Nokia vs iPhone - Nokia takes advantage of the Anti-Apple mood

Nokia and its N-series phone N95 and N81 which pitted against the iphone took a swing at the latest round of locked iphone fiasco by an Nokia open to anything outdoor campaign in NY.

iPhone had left a bad taste with a saga no less than a bollywood film. First the locked iphone then the price cut, iphone unlocking hack finally the 1.1.1 which kills the third party apps and renders the unlocked iphone good for a door stop.

Third party apps such as Flickr upload, IM clients are so essential for using your mobile as device for vibrant social connectivity. That is why nokia seems to be on a logical bliss by encouraging third party apps. Facebook, Firefox as testament to the success that third party apps can bring yet some geniuses think they know better !

Well gotto say this ad campaign should go to the case study in Marketing. Nokia clearly saw an opportune moment to get their message of promoting creativity (third party apps) and offering their devices with no limits (lock/contracts) !

Its a tough time to be a Apple PR guy !